The NTP Way

The NTP Way
We live these values every day.

NTP Wireless is a self-performing site acquisition firm whose mission is to be the preeminent service provider in the wireless network infrastructure industry. Our company is founded on four core values we call The NTP Way.

NTP Way - Dependable

Dependable: NTP Wireless gives it to you straight. We deliver what we promise. We’re accountable and relentlessly committed. You can be confident in our work and in our word. Our attention to detail enables us—at any given moment—to tell you the who, what, where, why and when about every project, every time.

NTP Way - Proactive

Proactive: While we are accurately completing every step of the process, we are planning for the next five steps. We see the big picture, which is why we don’t get caught by surprise—and why our clients’ projects are ahead of schedule.

NTP Way - Responsive

Responsive: Priorities change and new needs arise on every project. NTP Wireless pivots swiftly and quickly responds to new priorities. We adjust resources and deliver the best people in the industry on a moment’s notice.

Expert: To consistently surpass expectations, we employ professionals at the top of their game. Our team members are rigorously trained industry experts who master the most complex network deployment challenges, solving issues before they become problems. NTP Wireless’ people apply their focused intensity to Every Site, Every Day®.

  • Dependable
  • Proactive
  • Responsive
  • Expert

We live these values every day. They shape our work and our thinking, and they're the engine that drives our success and our clients' continued satisfaction.

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